ONE DAY TOUR to a Model Farm of KNF Applying EM

Thank you for your interest in visiting sites on Kyusei Nature Farming (KNF) and Effective Microorganisms (EM) Technology in Thailand. APNAN would be happy to introduce Saraburi Kyusei Nature Farming Center, commonly called as Saraburi Center, located in Saraburi Province, Thailand.

Saraburi Kyusei Nature Farming Center, Thailand

Saraburi Center is a model farm of KNF advocated by Mokichi Okada and belongs to the Sekai Kyusei Kyo (SKK) Thailand Foundation. Saraburi Center has  conducted Nature Farming since 1988 without any agrochemicals and by applying EM Technology.

A: Explanation and discussion regarding Nature Farming using EM Technology.

B: A tour to different units [e.g. Vegetable field, Rice paddy, Integrated model plot (self-sufficient economy), EM Bokashi production, Kitchen garbage compost, Animal husbandry, Fish pond, Mushroom]. It can be modified according to your request.

C: Healthy lunch with Nature Farming products served by this Center. The lunch charge is 50 THB per person.

There is no other charge for the visit, although donations (big or small) is welcome.

APNAN has changed the application procedure for ONE DAY TOUR. You first need to contact our partner nearest you which is listed in RELATED LINK pages and your application sent from our partner finally has to go through the formal channels to seek permission from the SKK Foundation and Saraburi Center. They cannot accept your visit on their holidays (e.g. every Sunday) and during their event period. Please note it takes one month to seek their permission.

Transportation can be arranged either by APNAN or by the visitor. If requested, APNAN will provide assistance to reserve a vehicle with an experienced driver to Saraburi Center.

A: The Center is located in Saraburi, which is about 130 km from Bangkok and it takes 2 to 3 hours travelling time by car depending on traffic jam conditions.

B: The visitor agrees to pay the transportation cost which is basically about 2500 THB to a driver upon return to the hotel.

C: The visitor will be picked up from the hotel in Bangkok between 7:00 – 8:00 AM depending on the location and traffic conditions. Departure from Saraburi Center is usually at 2:00 PM, arriving at Bangkok around 5:00 PM.

D: APNAN is NOT liable for any damages or bodily harm that may be incurred in case of traffic accidents during the trip.

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